Do you need an adaptation of an existing Odoo app or a brand new one?

Let it be manufacturing, sales, warehouse, projects, integrations etc, just ask us!


    A selection of our work


    • Approval processes

    • Product release with intelligent query of basis data

    • Cost calculation

    • Planning of manufacturing orders (machines, materials, human resources)

    • Simulation of production plan and mass update of production plans

    • Improved tablet view for manufacturing operators

    • Secondary units of measures

    • Document verification, such as warehouse receipts and invoices

    • Design of documents

    • Semaphore system for work organization throughout the company

      Logistics Management

    • Logistics projects

    • Logistics recipes and templates

    • Shipment requests

    • Intelligent notifications

    • AWB and notification documents

      integrated business management tools

    • Authorization management

    • Contract management

    • Management of co-funded projects

    Advanced Maths and Simulation for Adaptability

    • Customized implementation of a company adaptability for market methodology, based on the Odoo software platform

    • Advanced market surveys

    • Implementation and optimization of mathematical models

    • Design of a simulation methodology and tool

    Financial management

    • Data migration (e.g. export from Odoo to SAGA or to other accounting systems)

    • Customer-specific financial reports

    • Localized invoice and delivery documents

    • Bank statements import/export (e.g. CSV, MT940)

    • Advanced invoicing mechanisms

    migration projects

    • app and database migration between Odoo versions


    Custom implementation projects carried out by our team of experts: From new business verticals to new features and customization of existing ones.


    Manufacturing management, Switzerland


    Calculation, semaphore, planning, documents 



        Financial Management, Switzerland

    Financial Management, Switzerland

    CRM, Project Management, Invoicing, Expenses

     Logistics Management, Austria

    Logistics Management, Austria

    Shipments, tracking, notifications, monitoring 


    Security Services, Romania

    Security Services, Romania

    Contract management, Accounting, Invoicing, Helpdesk


     Sales Management, Austria

    Online Shop, Sales, Invoicing, Reports

    University Project Management, Romania

    Financial and operational management of research projects. 


    Accounting Management, Romania

    Contasmart, Romania

    Project management, Sales, Accounting

    proAdmin Consulting

    Public Administration, Romania